Magic Maker Live

LONDON | OCTOBER 15-16, 2019


What Will I Walk Away With? 

You will get crystal CLEAR on your PURPOSE, your PRODUCTS and your COMMUNICATION, so you can attract and convert more of the right clients with ease.

This event will leave you forever changed.  

It might be something big... it might be something tiny... but being in this room will fundamentally shift something inside of you forever.

A Message from Ash...

What Is It?

Hosted by J.Nichole Smith, Magic Maker Live is a ‘grow your business’ conference for enchanted rebels: ambitious entrepreneurs who are determined to grow their business, build a brand, earn more money, make the world a better place and get happier and healthier all at the same time. Easy, right!? 

This conference exists to allow us to come together in the pursuit of this lofty vision, to learn, grow, laugh, cry and connect so we can get there faster, and support each other better along the way.

Where: Grand Connaught Rooms, London  

When: October 15-16 2019 | 9am - 4pm  

A Message from Denise...

Why You Need to Be Here

If you're like us, you don't feel like you fit in at cross-fit, testosterone-fuelled marketing conferences. But equally, the cotton candy 'rah rah' industry or self-help events for women don't necessarily feel like home either. 

We created Magic Maker Live to be a mashup of the best parts of both: Part serious marketing curriculum that you can apply RIGHT NOW to help you grow your business, and part safe, inspirational space where we can get real, get connected and push through the mindset crap that is keeping us stuck. 

You Can Expect...

  • Loads of Ah-ha Moments 
  • Some swearing #sorrynotsorry
  • To feel right at home
  • A real jumpstart to your productivity and excitement about life & biz
  • To leave armed with REAL results-focused action-items
  • Epic Goody Bag
  • Some legit (but not forced) fun
  • Possibly some happy tears
  • Women with great jewelry, funky shoes, and wicked tats 
  • A chance to meet several of your business boss lady crushes

There is no event like this in the UK.

There simply is NOT a hard-hitting business conference that is equal parts serious results-driven, marketing genius AND magical woo goodness all rolled into one. Did we mention we'll be tapping and doing guided meditations, LIVE? Yup.

Sponsored By:

2019 Badass* Keynote Ladies

* Slightly Sweary, Very Awesome


Ash Ambirge

Middle Finger Project @the.middle.finger.project 

 Ash Ambirge is an internet entrepreneur, creative writer, speaker and advocate for women being brave & doing disobedient things with their careers and their lives.  

Money Mindset Mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas


Denise Duffield-Thomas 

Author, Lucky Bitch, Get Rich Lucky Bitch, Chillpreneur (Hay House) @denisedt 

Money Mindset Mentor for the new wave of entrepreneurs. Denise is a 7-figure entrepreneur, helping women create wealth through books, mindset courses and practical wisdom on releasing money blocks.  

Host of Magic Maker Live, J.Nichole Smith


J.Nichole Smith

 Founder, Magic Maker Live @jnicholesmith 

Marketing consultant, artist and author, who specializes in helping entrepreneurs find their 'big why' and apply it: creating freedom and fulfilment by building brands that matter (instead of just businesses.)

More Speakers Announced Each Month

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Session Speakers

Janet Murray

Author, Content Marketing Expert @janmurrayuk 

Jessica Lorimer

Founder, Smart Leaders Sell @jess_lorimer 

Lisa Johnson

Passive Income Queen @lisajohnsoncoaching 

Catherine Watkin

Founder, Selling From The Heart @catherinewatkin 

Abbey Woodcock

Founder, Freelancer Co-op

Jane Harrell

Founder, 'cause Digital Marketing @janeatcausedigital 

Some of our Panel of Rebels

Aleisha McCormack

Founder, Bridechilla @bridechilla 

Sam Bearfoot

Founder, Making Visibility Effortless @iamsambearfoot 

Tamu Thomas

Founder, Live Three Sixty @livethreesixty 

Nikki Beatnik

DJ, Producer, Writer @djnikkibeatnik 

What Will We Cover?

The Magic Maker Live promise is that entrepreneurs who attend will get crystal CLEAR on PURPOSE, PRODUCTS and COMMUNICATION, in order to attract and convert more of the right clients with ease. 

To achieve this goal, our curriculum is woven around some of J.Nichole Smith's key frameworks: the 5 Laws of Entrepreneurship and the 4 Essential Elements of brand that matter.

The 5 Laws of Entrepreneurship 

1. Mindset 2. Money 3. Marketing 4. Mechanics 5. Momentum 

The 4 Essential Elements 

1. Why 2. Who 3. What 4. Where

As a regular attendee you'll get TWO DAYS (VIP's you'll get THREE) of action-packed work with some of world's leading experts in the fields of: 

  • Money Mindset
  • Sales
  • Content
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Passive Income
  • Copywriting
  • Systems & Processes 

and MUCH much more...

How Will it Work?

As a regular attendee you'll have 2 DAY ACCESS, as a VIP you'll have THREE. 

Regular Access October 15-16th: 

  • Speaker sessions
  • Magic Breaks (tapping, stretching etc.)
  • Panel Discussions
  • Live Expert Q+A's
  • Short Coaching sessions 
  • Roundtable Masterminds
  • Event Workbook to guide you  

VIP Access: 

  • Everything in Regular Access plus
  • Front-row seating throughout the event 
  • VIP Drinks Reception with Ash on Day 1
  • Lunch with Denise on Day 2
  • Full-day of hot seats and Masterminding on your extra work day, Day 3 Oct. 17th
  • 2020 Magic Maker Planner
  • Enhanced Goodie Bag  

An event like this has serious ROI

How often do you have a chance to get out of your pajamas, meet people who also never get out of their pajamas, and bond over some SERIOUSLY geeking marketing and very magical mindset shiz

In-person events like this always have almost immeasurable impact on your inspiration, productivity, product ideas, marketing plans and strategic partner opportunities... BUT they also can have VERY measurable results on your bottom-line. We expect that if you implement just a FRACTION of what you learn at #magicmakerlive2019 you stand to make 5-10 your money back (maybe more because that change we think you'll walk away with, that's for keeps!)

Our Magical Venue


2 Day Pass


  • Two Full Days of Conference Goodness
  • Printed Event Workbook
  • Mix and mingle with speakers
  • Live Group Coaching sessions
  • Round-table Hot-Seat session
  • Plenty of Tea, Coffee & Snacks
  • Action-packed Goody Bag  

3 Day VIP Pass


  • Two Full Days of Conference Goodness
  • Printed Event Workbook
  • Mix and mingle with speakers
  • Live Group Coaching sessions
  • Round-table Hot-Seat session
  • Plenty of Tea, Coffee & Snacks
  • Action-packed Goody Bag
  • VIP Front-Row Seating
  • VIP Drinks Reception (Oct 15)
  • VIP Lunch with Denise (Oct 16)
  • VIP Bonus Mastermind Day (Oct 17)  


Where: Grand Connaught Rooms, London 

When: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. October 15-16, 2019

Tube: Closest station is Holborn 



What are the start and finish times? We'll be kicking off at 9am both days, and closing by 4pm. Registration will be open from 8:30am. 

When is the VIP evening reception? The VIP evening reception kicks off at 4:30pm on 15 October 2019. You'll receive ALL the delicious details directly via email. Did I mention Ash is joining us? So excited!

Is lunch provided? Lunch isn't provided, however we're in the heart of London and there's an amazing selection of great places for lunch within a 2-5 minute walk.

What's the dress code? Comfy with flair! Rock your best jeans and hoodie or a dress and heels - whatever you feel confident and comfy in! Bring an extra layer to keep warm in case the air conditioning is blasting!

Do I need a notebook and pen? We don't want to restrict your creativity, so bring a notebook/tablet/laptop - whatever you prefer to take notes with. 

Will I be able to charge my phone? Charging stations aren't available so power up your mobile before you arrive! Or splurge on a power bank so you can tweet the day away. #magicmakerlive2019 #magicmakerlive

A group of us want to join you, are discounts available for multiple tickets? Email us at and we'll see what we can do.

Are tickets refundable? Tickets aren't refundable, but they are transferable up to 1 week before the event

I have another question...can you help? Absolutely! Simply email and the team will get back to you within 48 hours (Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm) 

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